Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kitchen's Floor - Too Dead To Notice CS

Kitchen’s Floor have been around sometime now and can be proud of their consistently great output. No matter the line-up changes, as long as it keeps bumbling along it will all be OK. This Live CS out on Negative Guest List is no exception . In case you don’t know NGL is Brendan Annersley and other notable fuck-ups from around Australia and even International superstars such as Richie (Richie Records) and John Sharkey III (Clockcleaner infamy) sometimes contribute. They’re spewing out issues at a rapid rate and always features quality underground music. Anyway these psychos have started a record label, which I’d wager was started to self-release their own bands White Cop (RIP) and Meat Thump. This sucker sold out of it’s first press and is onto it’s second. Impressive stuff.

If the first CD/LP was Matt Kennedy looking into the dregs of his last M.B tallie this one is him sipping at the first and decidedly more boutique Coopers whilst navel-gazing up at the speckled sky. The world down here is still ugly but it’s got to get better. Right?

It’s a fine line between hope and despair and KF seem intent on exploring that dichotomy. This recording sees the addition of Andrew McLellan (Cured Pink) on Organ. Which adds a great deal to some songs whilst others tend to suffer slightly in the slower acoustic (nylon stringed) format. Personally I like to hear ‘Regrets’ played fast and furious (fuck me I did not write that) but it’s not about me. The best cut is Pissin’ On The Grave where everything just works. The organ hangs just right and the backing vocals by Julia Norris are pretty much perfect. Kitchen’s Floor recordings always lend themselves well to murkiness and this is well oil slicked. Grime all over it. Nah it’s all pretty clear for a live KF set, vocals could be turned up a touch but other than that no complaints. Consider this another endorsement.


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Also a shout out to Blogger and NGL contributor Negative Gordy - I stole your KF Picture. Hope you don't mind


  1. Er, I think I got my Richie's mixed-up, will make amends tonight.

  2. no problemo.. keep doin what ya do