Thursday, March 17, 2011

Circle Pit - Sewercide 7"

It’s a shame Circle Pit got shafted at Deadshits #2 because I would have liked these songs played how they should be.

From what I could gather they went on far too late, suffered from noise restrictions and played to maybe 25 people. They didn’t want to be up on stage (even more than usual) and played accordingly (see: like shit but can you blame them?)

But then again I wasn’t really digging this record at the time and it bothered me. But after hearing it again on Art For Spastics this afternoon it clicked. Perhaps it endeared itself by the compromised fidelity (shitty radio rip). Circle Pit let it all hang out on this cut. This band are sloppy, grimy and glam as here. The palm mute on opener ‘Sewercide’ is a perfect foil for the slickish riffing going on underneath. It’s tongue and cheek and harks back to their self-titled 7” but with more dick posturing.

B-side continues along the same lines as the A but the riffing is more in line with their LP of last year ‘Bruise Constellation’. Definite KISS vibe here. Production of this record is spot on, dirty as hell. Denim’s coming back. Worth the gold coins.

Sweet Rot/RIP Records co-release.




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