Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kitchen's Floor - Too Dead To Notice CS

Kitchen’s Floor have been around sometime now and can be proud of their consistently great output. No matter the line-up changes, as long as it keeps bumbling along it will all be OK. This Live CS out on Negative Guest List is no exception . In case you don’t know NGL is Brendan Annersley and other notable fuck-ups from around Australia and even International superstars such as Richie (Richie Records) and John Sharkey III (Clockcleaner infamy) sometimes contribute. They’re spewing out issues at a rapid rate and always features quality underground music. Anyway these psychos have started a record label, which I’d wager was started to self-release their own bands White Cop (RIP) and Meat Thump. This sucker sold out of it’s first press and is onto it’s second. Impressive stuff.

If the first CD/LP was Matt Kennedy looking into the dregs of his last M.B tallie this one is him sipping at the first and decidedly more boutique Coopers whilst navel-gazing up at the speckled sky. The world down here is still ugly but it’s got to get better. Right?

It’s a fine line between hope and despair and KF seem intent on exploring that dichotomy. This recording sees the addition of Andrew McLellan (Cured Pink) on Organ. Which adds a great deal to some songs whilst others tend to suffer slightly in the slower acoustic (nylon stringed) format. Personally I like to hear ‘Regrets’ played fast and furious (fuck me I did not write that) but it’s not about me. The best cut is Pissin’ On The Grave where everything just works. The organ hangs just right and the backing vocals by Julia Norris are pretty much perfect. Kitchen’s Floor recordings always lend themselves well to murkiness and this is well oil slicked. Grime all over it. Nah it’s all pretty clear for a live KF set, vocals could be turned up a touch but other than that no complaints. Consider this another endorsement.


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Also a shout out to Blogger and NGL contributor Negative Gordy - I stole your KF Picture. Hope you don't mind

Circle Pit - Sewercide 7"

It’s a shame Circle Pit got shafted at Deadshits #2 because I would have liked these songs played how they should be.

From what I could gather they went on far too late, suffered from noise restrictions and played to maybe 25 people. They didn’t want to be up on stage (even more than usual) and played accordingly (see: like shit but can you blame them?)

But then again I wasn’t really digging this record at the time and it bothered me. But after hearing it again on Art For Spastics this afternoon it clicked. Perhaps it endeared itself by the compromised fidelity (shitty radio rip). Circle Pit let it all hang out on this cut. This band are sloppy, grimy and glam as here. The palm mute on opener ‘Sewercide’ is a perfect foil for the slickish riffing going on underneath. It’s tongue and cheek and harks back to their self-titled 7” but with more dick posturing.

B-side continues along the same lines as the A but the riffing is more in line with their LP of last year ‘Bruise Constellation’. Definite KISS vibe here. Production of this record is spot on, dirty as hell. Denim’s coming back. Worth the gold coins.

Sweet Rot/RIP Records co-release.




Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This one's for West End

First 3 minutes Anyhow

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eat Skull Scuzz Aus Tour

I'm not sure if you've heard of this scuzzy lo-fi band but they pretty much invented lo-fi along with Matt Horseshit from another legend pop damage cru called Psychedelic Horseshit. I've been crying out for this american scuzz, legend lo-fi band for years now and what have I done about it? Not a goddamn thing. So it takes the good people of Brisbane based label Bedroom Suck to get of their arse and start bringing out some of the BEST "underground scuzz" talent from across the shores. I must say this band have been pretty consistently excellent throughout their career and a couple of albums on Siltbreeze is no mean feat unless you know previously you've been kicking it in bands like the Hospitals (RIP) and Hole Class (both whom I suggest you check out - if you already haven't).

This will also be Slug Guts sophomore (hahahahaha STREET PRESS and JOURNALISM) Howling Gang. This band have had their share of controversy and with this album hope to get back to what matters - the music. You know what? I might of initially had an aneurysm and been baying with the wolves (along with old man Cave, Stu Spasm, Tim Evans) But there's definitely a great band here and they are a changed unit after all (new singer, drummer, bassist? Sax player???). From what I've heard live Slug Guts will be drawing slightly more from bands like Christian Death and according to Sacred Bones Triffids. So from what I can gather Bedroom Suck are releasing this record in Australia and Sac Bones rest of world. I haven't asked. Don't care.

So what you need to know here is that there is a great tour happening in April and you should do your best to get off yer arse and go. APLOMB, APLOMB, APLOMB. (I made this post not wearing anything)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sraight Arrows - It's Happening Again

I’ve never enjoyed the Nuggets much nor thought too much of their imitators. So it’s a little bit surprisingly how much I like the new Straight Arrows record. Yes it does have those songs that conjure up past those past ghosts. ‘It Happens’ is basically the Keggs ‘To Find Out’ slowed down (but who hasn’t ripped off this band?). but it has a bit of grit and variety to it. ‘Haunted Out’ explores light psych areas that SA seem enamoured with. Plenny reverb and treble. I’d say more on this record but you’d throw the monitor out the window because of my overuse of the word “garage” and lack of familiarity with the genre. Enjoy, nonetheless.

Straight Arrows


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Blank Realm - Deja What (Bedroom Suck 2010)

The day I began to write this it was just post Brisbane flood. It was blistering hot and I was dripping with sweat. The sun had baked in the mud and there was still an air of uneasiness. There’d been nothing to do for a week and everyone was feeling prickly. So it seemed fitting to post a record that seemed to encapsulate all of these indescribable feelings.

Blank Realm, Brisbane’s leading spiritual rock mystics, deliver their second LP in as many years on local imprint Bedroom Suck. ‘Deja What?’ was originally released as a CDR on ‘Albert’s Basement’ with a paltry 52 copies being made. Well this vinyl re-issue certainly solves the problem of nobody hearing it and it has undergone a facelift being re-mastered by ECSR’s Mikey Young. On this record Blank Realm steer more steadily towards a pop trajectory keeping the psychosis of ‘Heatless Ark’ canned for the time being. Anyone who has seen Blank Realm this year would expect this to be the case with their live set always edging closer to a trad rock sound.

The first track has Blank Realm display the drugged, dubby vibe perfected by bands on the label No Not Fun. No surprises here, it chugs along at a meandering pace with enough going on to keep it interesting. But the song actually serves as a nice way in for hit “Full Moon Door” which has me recalling folk greats Neil Young and Dylan for no particular reason. Maybe it’s the vocals, maybe the feeling of longing or partially the instrumentation. Organ sounds massive here and the reverb takes the song to out of space. However, BR never ones to dwell bring us back to Earth with the motorik muscle of ‘My Nativity’. Kind of sounds BR didn’t know what to do with this one and towards the end builds up nicely but for all the flatness before it seems all a little in vain. BR reset the controls for some Blues Control exploration on ‘Trained Creep’. By no means a bad jam but I think we all know BR are capable of much more. Logan’s hands plod appears at first to be a Pocahaunted throw back until the beat kicks and transforms into something a little uglier and less palatial. Soul’s Illusion hints at the past passive-aggression they once harboured.

This record is a trip and as was the case with ‘Heatless Ark’ it’s not always good vibes. BR are still doling out the pop hits on occasion. I’ll wager that the next record might be even more straightforward than this. Who knows, doubt BR even do. Always a pleasure.

Blank Realm

(sorry again for the delay, writer's block, lack of motivation etc)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kitchen's Floor January 2011 Tour

Kitchen's Floor have a new line-up and are touring in January. They also have a fairly new live cassette out on Negative Guest List and their Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress CD is now available as an LP via Bedroom Suck Records. You've got nothing to do on Tuesday, I've got nothing to do on Tuesday - might as well get drunk as hell and go to this show. Supports I presume TBA.